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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: Reading and Exporting spreadsheets
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2014 02:48:53 GMT
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Arthur Schwarz wrote:
> Win7 cygwin
> I created and saved a spreadsheet, 'ods' ,document. When I try to 
> read it using my cygwin alias "alias
> ods='/ProgramFiles86/OpenOffice\ 4/program/scalc.exe'" it
> (basically) says "what's that" but when I use open office directly
> and use "Recent Documents" it seems to have no problem. is my alias
> correct? I use a similar alias for the writer (alias
> odt='/ProgramFiles86/OpenOffice\ 4/program/swriter.exe') and it
> works fine.
> Now comes the real puzzler (for me), when I export the spreadseet
> as a pdf file, the cygwin shell doesn't recognize it. That is,
> 'find', 'ls' don't recognize the file. It comes up with "no such
> directory or file. But when I go to the Windows explorer or import
> the file using Adobe, no problem. The filename is there bold as
> lightning. and I have no issue. On the other hand, using cygwin, I
> can't input the file to adobe.
> Now for the confounding aspect. Everything works as expected in
> the writer. I can create a pdf file, see it in cygwin, open and use
> it in adobe, list it, and I guess do everything needful. But not
> when I create a spreadsheet.
> Wait, wait. I have (yet) another mystery. When I open a new shell 
> (but do not reboot), the new shell shows the created pdf file but
> now the ods file is missing. And, contrary to everything above, I
> can load the pdf file to adobe in the cygwin shell the exact
> opposite of above.
> Right now it's an irritation but is there something that I've done 
> wrong or someway to fix the problem so that it shows up in by
> cygwin shell?
Mr Schwartz;

You may be better posting this request to the dev list at rather than here.
Many of the developers work in a cygwin environment and may be better
able to help with this. Though some of the developers do frequent this
list this type of question stands a better chance of being answered
over there. Most of the people who answer questions here are users of
OpenOffice but not necessarily conversant in usage of cygwin.

Please be advised that I have cc'd you as a courtesy. You would do
well to subscribe to the list to be sure not to miss any replies. To
subscribe just snd a blank -mail to
then follow the directions in the return email.

Keith McKenna
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