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From "Arthur Schwarz" <>
Subject RE: Reading and Exporting spreadsheets--another commentary
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2014 04:35:18 GMT

This is an embarrassment for me. I checked and checked and found out that I
had copied the same directory in two places and had one shell in one folder
and another in another. And so, being the Great And Wonderful (smart and
clever also) person that I am, I exported my pdf file into one folder and
looked for it in another. At least that's my current story and I'm sticking
with it (until tomorrow).

But in a soft way I do think your points are valid. I have had problems with
the swriter software and lists. Then again, I contribute nothing to a
volunteer effort. I am a passive beneficiary of excellent software that has
a few bugs. I also have Microsoft software. In 2000 I tried to report a bug
(very hard when dealing with Microsoft). In 2008(?) software, the bug is
still there (in lists, by the way). I expect that in 2050 software the bug
will still remain in Microsoft but in Open Office the bugs I see today will
probably be gone.

And so, although OOo is not perfect, they are better than Microsoft dreams
of in their better days, and the OOo team seems to want to better the

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From: Anthony J. Rudgers [] 
Sent: Monday, January 06, 2014 5:07 PM
To: Arthur Schwarz;
Cc: Anthony Rudgers
Subject: Re: Reading and Exporting spreadsheets--another commentary

Greetings All,

Here's (imho) another example of the symptoms of the coding flaws inherent 
in the present OOo software suite.  You do something according to one set of

seemingly-valid protocols & get one result (or, perhaps, non-result), & then

you do it according to another set of also-valid protocols, & get an 
entirely different result (or non-result).   This, at least to me, would 
indicate that there are instances of differing, &, consequently, 
inconsistent, coding within OOo.  I've experienced a similar inconsistency 
in OOo code in another area.

I submit this query.  Do proponents of OOo software, want to deal w/ & 
correct such problems, deny they exist, ignore them & "move on" (as embodied

in the posting: "I'm tired of this thread, can't we talk about something 
else?"), throw up their hands & say that such inherent problems are just "a 
fact of life--so live w/ them," or, simply, verbally abuse & belittle the 
OOo users who point them out to this "community"?

Best wishes,

Anthony J. Rudgers
Orlando, FL U.S.A.

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From: Arthur Schwarz
Sent: Monday, January 06, 2014 6:48 PM
Subject: Reading and Exporting spreadsheets


I created and saved a spreadsheet, 'ods' ,document. When I try to read it 
using my cygwin alias "alias ods='/ProgramFiles86/OpenOffice\ 
4/program/scalc.exe'" it (basically) says "what's that" but when I use open 
office directly and use "Recent Documents" it seems to have no problem. is 
my alias correct? I use a similar alias for the writer (alias 
odt='/ProgramFiles86/OpenOffice\ 4/program/swriter.exe') and it works fine.

Now comes the real puzzler (for me), when I export the spreadseet as a pdf 
file, the cygwin shell doesn't recognize it. That is, 'find', 'ls' don't 
recognize the file. It comes up with "no such directory or file. But when I 
go to the Windows explorer or import the file using Adobe, no problem. The 
filename is there bold as lightning. and I have no issue. On the other hand,

using cygwin, I can't input the file to adobe.

Now for the confounding aspect. Everything works as expected in the writer. 
I can create a pdf file, see it in cygwin, open and use it in adobe, list 
it, and I guess do everything needful. But not when I create a spreadsheet.

Wait, wait. I have (yet) another mystery. When I open a new shell (but do 
not reboot), the new shell shows the created pdf file but now the ods file 
is missing. And, contrary to everything above, I can load the pdf file to 
adobe in the cygwin shell the exact opposite of above.

Right now it's an irritation but is there something that I've done wrong or 
someway to fix the problem so that it shows up in by cygwin shell? 

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