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From TN Patriot <>
Subject Re: Being Good, was: RE: Reading and Exporting spreadsheets--another commentary
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2014 05:19:26 GMT
On Mon, 6 Jan 2014 23:09:55 -0500
"Think" <> wrote:

> Once, someone told me I
> digressed too much and that I was wrong for having bothered everyone with my
> verbiage.

  They were right. Also, I'm a 'disabled' person and I wouldn't and don't *ever* want
  you "yelling" at anyone for me.

> I am 53. I coded in Fortran in 1974. I was on a mainframe before most of you knew
> what a computer was.
> Brenda Hart Neihouse

  You're also apparently too stupid to realize that the OP is a troll and this is his
  second attempt in two days to stir FUD with absolutely nothing to back up what
  he's whining about (that's why he has to keep using "imho"'s so often, hint, hint)

  It's also neat to know you're a mind reader and know you're "older than most of us
  on here". Again your use of a straw man argument is nothing but lame. Your attempt
  to tell everyone how great you are and how the planet should admire all you've
  done - whether real or imagined and mostly for/about yourself only - will only
  rile up us peons you love to denigrate (your word) yourself, because no one likes
  a pompous hypocrite ass *telling* us how much smarter and better they are when
  they're too stupid to see a group of people *DO* help when an actual post *ASKING*
  for it comes up...*NOT* when an imbecile of a troll comes on here only to try and
  put down an application he's not backing up with any instances of his so-called

--  Learn your rights through cartoons!  Know your rights about and at roadblocks!  Learn about Jury Nullification! Take back your rights from the
over-reaching: police, justice system and government!

Why does the government want to ban semi-auto weapons? Because you won’t get in 
the box car willingly.

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