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From "Think" <>
Subject RE: Reminder on list policy
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2014 00:14:34 GMT
Stating applicable law is not a threat, neither is the promise to engage in a certain (legal)
action should a certain action be taken by someone else.

What I did is called free speech. And it is protected speech. Especially since I quoted law
and policy.

It is the policy of all US ISP's to ban users who flame/harass/etc. other people via the ISP's
resources, i.e. using email to flame someone.

There is also a federal law regarding harassment/bullying and using electronic resources to
do so. I would have to look it up. But I am certain you can Google it.

So we have a FAIL from the moderators as far as what constitutes a threat. And we have a FAIL
from the moderators for reading my verbiage about ensuring that I use all methods to protect
myself on this listserv, and to protect my right to my free speech on this listserv, as a
threat. So the moderators have now engaged in an inappropriate warning. 

My warning someone that the law exists and that I will use it is most decidedly NOT a threat.
You have just now chilled other people's free speech and their exercise of applicable law
to protect themselves. (I said it twice in case someone missed it the first time.)

We also have a FAIL from the moderators as to them appropriately doing their job-- that is
to keep people safe on this listserv, to ensure the rules are followed and to ensure that
people know what the rules are. Oh, yeah and not acting in such a way as to "chill" protected
speech. (I think that is number three, but in a slightly different context -- overall fail
in doing their job.)

Brenda Hart Neihouse

PS: I would have commented earlier but I was busy doing advocacy work. You know, the part
where you speak for a large group of people to make sure their civil rights are protected.
Oh yeah, that's what I am doing here. And that is what I was doing in my initial email. Only
the group on here isn't in the millions.

-----Original Message-----
From: Rob Weir [] 
Sent: Monday, January 06, 2014 11:59 PM
Subject: Reminder on list policy

Speaking as a list moderator (yes we do have them) I'd like to remind
all posters that threats will not be tolerated on this list.

Regards, Rob

>> If you want to flame me, you might want to think again. Most of your ISP's have a
policy of no spam/hate/scam/flame. I have reported people to their ISP's before and I will
do it again. There is a difference between free speech and hate speech. Hate speech is not
protected under the Constitution and your ISP's won't tolerate it either.i

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