I have been using Open Office on my Mac Book Pro( new in Feb 2013)  for several years - 
( I used it on my last MacBookPro also .).  likely 4 or 5 years  I think,  it was recommended where I bought the computer - and I have really liked it -  it can doeverything I need a word processor to do, and  I am always learning to do new things with it. 

Suddenly last weekend this message appeared - even though I did not remember OO quitting .. 

I tried clicking both buttons to no avail ..  so decided to  dump the OO I had installed and re download it ..  I use Chrome so had no Safari issues when downloading .  
However now  the OO program will not quit without me Force Quitting it when I shut off my computer, and  it also does not respond to copying <command C>  to cut and paste etc - neither will be print from <command P> I think I did get it to print today using the print directly  icon on the OO header. Also the icon will not stay  in the  dashboard .. so I have to find it in the App folder every day .. 

Anyway I would love to get back to having it respond like it used to -  I have many files saved on my computer which were created using OO, and if they are unusable I will need to get to work retyping them -  whoa - a lot of extra work ..  

Any help  you can give me would be appreciated .. 
( we’ll be away for the next  couple of days,  so there is no huge rush for a reply ) 

Irma Kittelson