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From Joost Andrae <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice 4.0.1
Date Fri, 20 Dec 2013 07:42:54 GMT
Moin Hans-Werner,

if you want to use the native Windows file dialog which contains the 
link to the Windows Desktop then you can configure it in menu item 

Nochmal auf Deutsch:
Wenn Du den Speichern-Dialog suchst, welcher die Verknüpfung zum Windows 
Desktop beinhaltet, dann solltest Du auf den nativen Windows Dateidialog 
umschalten. Diesen kannst Du unter /Extras/Optionen/OpenOffice/Allgemein 
einstellen. In diesem Dialog gibt es eine Checkbox zur Nutzung des 
OpenOffice-Dialogs, welche Du einfach nur deaktivieren musst.

Gruß, Joost

Am 19.12.2013 09:29, schrieb Stöver, Hans-Werner:
> Hi,
> Openoffice was a very good and easy to use program.
> With the last versions it got more and more useless.
> I was using OpenOffice from the beginning in Hamburg for about more than 14 years now.
> But yet I deleted this for me useless program and I bought Microsoft Office.
> Microsoft is expensive, but Microsoft looks what the people need
> and not what  the coder likes and puts inside.
> Who made the decision to change the "save", "save to" and the "Open" dialog?
> Why must I click so many times to find my desktop for saving documents?
> Why is the direct link in the saving dialog to "desktop", "network" and "my documents"
> It is just the same as Adobe it does with the Adobe reader.
> In former times it was a very good and useful program.
> Now it is big and slow and for presenting and reading PDFs it is useless.
> The same happened to OpenOffice.
>  From a nice and good program you made a pack of shit.
> So keep it and I will use Microsoft Office in future.
> In Germany we call this "Kundenverarschung"
> Only my minor opinion.
> Regards
> Hans Stöver

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