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From Stöver, Hans-Werner <>
Subject OpenOffice 4.0.1
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2013 08:29:33 GMT

Openoffice was a very good and easy to use program.
With the last versions it got more and more useless.
I was using OpenOffice from the beginning in Hamburg for about more than 14 years now.
But yet I deleted this for me useless program and I bought Microsoft Office.
Microsoft is expensive, but Microsoft looks what the people need 
and not what  the coder likes and puts inside.
Who made the decision to change the "save", "save to" and the "Open" dialog?
Why must I click so many times to find my desktop for saving documents?
Why is the direct link in the saving dialog to "desktop", "network" and "my documents" gone?

It is just the same as Adobe it does with the Adobe reader.
In former times it was a very good and useful program.
Now it is big and slow and for presenting and reading PDFs it is useless.
The same happened to OpenOffice.
>From a nice and good program you made a pack of shit.
So keep it and I will use Microsoft Office in future.

In Germany we call this "Kundenverarschung"

Only my minor opinion.

Hans Stöver

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