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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Tajik spellcheck module
Date Tue, 24 Dec 2013 20:36:53 GMT
info wrote:
> Good afternoon!  In our non-government organization the Centre for
> Development of Information Technology Ā«Zafar UsmanovĀ» developed
> spellchecking dictionary for Tajik language as an extension system
> for OpenOfficeOrg. We would like to include a spelling dictionary for
> Tajik language in your system online OpenOfficeOrg. In addition to
> this we would like to have our module as included in future
> distributions in Tajik language. What you advise for us for further
> cooperation in this theme?

Hello, you sent your message to three different mailing lists but the 
right one, for any follow-up, is yet another one, i.e., the Localization 
mailing list:


1) If you have an extension ready for the Tajik language spell checking, 
you should upload it to ; this is a 
preliminary step for including it in releases.

2) To have OpenOffice released in Tajik, you will have to complete the 
translation we have on file. This requires a number of steps, as we 
don't have a team actively working on Tajik now: first you should write 
to the localization mailing lists saying that you would like to complete 
the Tajik (tg) translation; then we will import the current Tajik 
translation into Pootle, our translation system so that you can continue 
it; and we will also create an account (or several accounts if you are a 
team of several people) for you.

3) Once the OpenOffice translation into Tajik is complete, packaging the 
dictionary with it is trivial and we can take care of it with minimal 


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