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From Brian Barker <>
Subject Re: How do you insert a spreadsheet into a text document
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2013 10:16:08 GMT
At 19:40 11/12/2013 -0800, Arthur Schwarz wrote:
>What I would like is to have a couple of pages in my document in 
>landscape mode, the rest in portrait mode. When I go to Format -> 
>Page -> Page I can format for landscape mode but it formats the 
>entire document. How do I format just a few pages and not the entire document?

Orientation is a property of page style, so you need to change your 
page style in order to change orientation.  In this case, you will 
want to insert manual page breaks to mark the places where the 
orientation changes:
o Go to Insert | Manual Break... .
o Under Type, select "Page break".
o Under Style, select a suitable page style for your landscape pages, 
perhaps Landscape - or one you have created yourself.
o After your landscape pages, repeat the procedure to change the page 
style back - to Default or whatever.

>I know about copy and paste. Works great. But, my table is 59 rows 
>and is organized into landscape mode. So, copy and paste produces 
>one condensed page.

But you may not know about Paste Special, which will be your friend 
here.  You get to it at Edit | Paste Special... or by using 
Ctrl+Shift+V (instead of Ctrl+V).  This gives you a number of paste 
options, and you will want to experiment to see what suits your 
purpose.  The default mode gives you a copy on a single page within a 
frame; you can reshape the frame but not (easily) split it between 
pages.  Note that you can double-click the result to give an editable 
spreadsheet.  Other options give you a picture of the spreadsheet, or 
a table mimicking the spreadsheet cells.

>The second question is that I would like to copy the entire OOCalc 
>spreadsheet into the landscape pages and have the spreadsheet occupy 
>more than a single page.

Some options will do this.

>Perhaps to make it a table within the text document. I've tried the 
>Copy/Paste into a table and that doesn't seem to work well.

Instead of pasting into a table, allow Paste Special... to create the 
table on the fly.

>And I guess at the bottom of the list, once the spreadsheet is 
>inserted, I'd like to make changes to it.

There are various possibilities here:
o If you use an option that creates a table, you can easily modify 
values in the text document.
o If you use an option that enables you to edit the result, you can 
use the full spreadsheet functionality on the result.

With either of these, you are modifying a copy of the spreadsheet data.

>Do I use Copy/Paste or is there another way to do it (I've looked at 
>Insert->Object but nothing seems to apply).

Oh, it does!

o You can use Insert | Object > | OLE Object..., choose "Create from 
file", and browse to the spreadsheet file.  There are two options 
here: you can embed the spreadsheet into the text document, or you 
can choose to link the text document to the spreadsheet file itself - 
by ticking "Link to file".  In the latter case, you are actually 
handling the spreadsheet file from within the text file.  Typically, 
you would want to edit the spreadsheet and would then see any changes 
appear automatically in your text document.

Horses for courses.

I trust this helps.

Brian Barker

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