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From mt>
Subject Re: saving text documents as PDF
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2013 22:32:06 GMT
As you suggest in 3rd paragraph, below, I have a feeling the 
whole "signing" procedure might be outside the scope of OO, and 
you might need Adobe Acrobat Pro for that.

This said, a quick Internet search just brought up the following:


?? :-)

Would be great if you could report back and let us know if that helped.



On 11/11/13 at 1:27 PM, wrote:

>I have a question about exporting word-processing documents as 
>PDFs; specifically, how do I enable the "signing" of documents 
>in Adobe Reader?  That is, after I save a text document as a 
>PDF, I want to be able to use Adobe Reader to sign it.
>Currently, if I use "export as PDF" and then open a document in 
>Adobe Reader, Document > Sign > Sign Document is greyed out, 
>and if I go to Document > Security > Show Security Properties, 
>I see that "signing" is "not allowed."
>According to Adobe's documentation, "In Reader, only PDFs with 
>Reader Usage Rights enabled can be signed."  How does one set 
>"Reader Usage Rights" when exporting an OpenOffice document as 
>a PDF?  Or, must one have the full version of Adobe Acrobat in 
>order to create signable documents?
>Finally (and, admittedly, this question is off-topic), where 
>can I get an inexpensive PDF-signing certificate so that when I 
>e-mail or upload a document that I've signed, the recipient 
>won't see an error message warning them that the document is self-signed?
>Thank you,
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