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From Julian Thomas>
Subject Re: Writer, ouline numbered list
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2013 03:20:53 GMT
I am still having major issues with lists

If I start a numbered list and enter items:

1. xxx
2. yyy
3. zzz
and then want to put some bulleted items in:
   * aa
   * bb

That all works OK. 

But then I unindent and change to numbers, and the next item is again:


It's a ROYAL PITA to try to get this back under control.

If I go back to 3.zzz and enter, I get

but if I then try to paste the
   * aa
   * bb
under 3.zzz it's a mess.  The easiest way I've found to get out of this mess is to start a
new document, put in all the top level stuff, and then insert the bulleted items - as UNFORMATTED
text and rebulletize them.

Sometimes when I undent [isn't that the reverse of indent??] a bullet, it ends up outside
the left margin.


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