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From Brian Barker <>
Subject Re: Writer, outline numbered list
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2013 05:59:34 GMT
At 22:20 19/11/2013 -0500, Julian Thomas wrote:
>I am still having major issues with lists  If I start a numbered 
>list and enter items:
>1. xxx
>2. yyy
>3. zzz
>and then want to put some bulleted items in:
>    * aa
>    * bb
>That all works OK.
>But then I unindent and change to numbers, and the next item is again:  1.

Don't unindent.  Use Backspace to cancel the bulleting.

>It's a [considerable problem] to try to get this back under 
>control.  If I go back to 3.zzz and enter, I get
>but if I then try to paste the
>    * aa
>    * bb
>under 3.zzz it's a mess.

Actually, this works for me.  Press Enter to start a new paragraph 
where you want the bulleted list.  Your new paragraph will 
(temporarily) be numbered "4." (and paragraph 4 "5.").  Providing 
your new paragraph is empty, pasting in the bulleted list should put 
everything back to normal at a stroke.

>The easiest way I've found to get out of this mess is to start a new 
>document, put in all the top level stuff, and then insert the 
>bulleted items - as UNFORMATTED text and rebulletize them.

There is no need to start a new document, of course!  But this is 
indeed probably the easiest way to achieve what you want: to enter 
the bulleted items at first without changing the numbering - so that 
they are numbered as paragraphs four and five.  Later, after you have 
started your real paragraph four - which will appear at first as 
paragraph "6." - go back and select the items to be bulleted, and 
change the style to bulleted.  Paragraph 6. will be instantly 
renumbered as "4.", as you need.

>Sometimes when I undent [isn't that the reverse of indent??] ...

Probably "unindent" - as you had it at first.

>... a bullet, it ends up outside the left margin.

Well, it will!  Instead of using the Decrease Indent button, adjust 
indenting on the Position tab of the Bullets and Numbering dialogue.


I trust I've been able to remove a few consonants from your frustration.

Brian Barker

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