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Subject saving text documents as PDF
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2013 02:27:02 GMT

I have a question about exporting word-processing documents as PDFs; 
specifically, how do I enable the "signing" of documents in Adobe 
Reader?  That is, after I save a text document as a PDF, I want to be 
able to use Adobe Reader to sign it.

Currently, if I use "export as PDF" and then open a document in Adobe 
Reader, Document > Sign > Sign Document is greyed out, and if I go to 
Document > Security > Show Security Properties, I see that "signing" is 
"not allowed."

According to Adobe's documentation, "In Reader, only PDFs with Reader 
Usage Rights enabled can be signed."  How does one set "Reader Usage 
Rights" when exporting an OpenOffice document as a PDF?  Or, must one 
have the full version of Adobe Acrobat in order to create signable 

Finally (and, admittedly, this question is off-topic), where can I get 
an inexpensive PDF-signing certificate so that when I e-mail or upload a 
document that I've signed, the recipient won't see an error message 
warning them that the document is self-signed?

Thank you,

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