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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Shall we waste twelve more years promoting Free office suites instead of...
Date Sun, 10 Nov 2013 17:43:10 GMT
On 10/11/2013 M. Fioretti wrote:

It's a complex issue. OpenOffice does advocate and promote ODF, project 
members have prominent roles in the ODF standard maintenance and the 
product shows a warning when users save in a non-ODF format. Still, in 
our user survey (for existing OpenOffice users) for version 4.x the top 
priority of our users was a better compatibility with the native formats 
of Microsoft Office. So, as things stand now, we'll have to do both. Of 
course this can be discussed forever, and this doesn't mean that users 
shouldn't complain when a document is only available in .DOC format... 
but OpenOffice as a project has to do both, as requested by its own users.

> The real solution for this is that the openoffice product reports that
> website as a whole to google for abuse, false advertising or whatever
> it is.

Trademarks are dealt with in private due to the sensitive nature of the 
topic, but I think I can say that Apache already approached Google to 
prevent misuse of trademarks. For more about trademarks see


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