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From Greg Madden <>
Subject Re: Shall we waste twelve more years promoting Free office suites instead of...
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2013 01:39:35 GMT
On Sunday 10 November 2013 11:31:22 you wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 18:43:10 PM +0100, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> > On 10/11/2013 M. Fioretti wrote:
> > >>>
> > >>>promoting-free-office-suites-instead-of-open-office-formats/
> >
> > It's a complex issue. OpenOffice does advocate and promote ODF,
> > project members have prominent roles in the ODF standard
> > maintenance and the product shows a warning when users save in a
> > non-ODF format. Still, in our user survey (for existing OpenOffice
> > users) for version 4.x the top priority of our users was a better
> > compatibility with the native formats of Microsoft Office. So, as
> > things stand now, we'll have to do both.
> In fact, I did NOT say that OO the *software* should not support
> .docx
> I said that OO users and advocates should demand much, much more than
> they have been doing, that files are exchanged in open formats.

There is no lack of effort as you seem to conclude from some , what?, 
critical analysis of data. Micrsosoft has an iso standard file 
format..can't use that as a data point. 

Folks involved are doing a geat job..thanks, AOO devs and users.

LO broke backwards compatability for archived documents, they did this 
to be 'more' compatable with Microsoft, its what the reality of the 
user base dictated, and I am sure they did not make this decision 
lightly. AOO document fidelity is perfect  here since 2002..coool.

> There is a big difference. And the fact that it has been ignored is
> why things stand now as they stand, and all the effort put into
> compatibility with .docx still doesn't spare people from being told
> "to work with certain customers, use MS Office"
> Marco
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