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From Uwe Brauer <>
Subject Re: how to select a font by a script or key
Date Sun, 13 Oct 2013 20:09:21 GMT
>> "Brian" == Brian Barker <> writes:

   > At 16:31 13/10/2013 +0200, Uwe Brauer wrote:

   > Load the style from the document in which you created it:
   > o In your target document, go to Format | Styles and Formatting (or
   > click the Styles and Formatting button in the Formatting toolbar, or
   > press F11).
   > o Click New Style from Selection | Load Styles... .
   > o Click From File... and browse to and open the source document.
   > Your created styles will now appear in your target (second) document.

Thanks very much this worked nicely.
   > Additionally, you can save the style in your default template, so that
   > all new documents have access to it:
   > o Start a new document from your existing default template and proceed
   > as above to load your new styles into it.
   > o Go to File | Templates > | Save..., give your new template a name
   > (probably in the My Templates category), and click OK.
   > o Go to File | Templates > | Organize..., open My Templates, and
   > select your new template.
   > o Click Commands | Set As Default Template, and Close.

When I click commands I do not see the option *save as default
template*, I see only *printer settings*. (I am using still OO 3.2)


   > I trust this helps.

   > Brian Barker

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