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From David L Babcock <>
Subject Re: unique uses of frame styles
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2013 22:12:54 GMT
On 10/17/2013 12:53 PM, Brian Barker wrote:
> At 12:18 17/10/2013 -0400, David L Babcock wrote:
>> I needed a doc to generate pages for a small 5-hole notebook/binder.  
>> I fit 2 pages per sheet but then needed outlines for the cutting 
>> out.  The outline graphic also had "dots" to mark where the 10 holes 
>> needed to be punched. Obviously to avoid two-pass printing, had to 
>> use frames and/or a background image.
>> It was hell. But I got it working.  Long enough ago that particulars 
>> escape me.  I do remember that the two little "pages" were side by 
>> side, that "newspaper columns" were used. And that adding text would 
>> properly move lines to the second little page, But NOT to the 
>> following real (8.5x11) page.  Sorry don't remember if the final 
>> product used frames. (I think it did, and that's what broke 
>> line-moving).
>> Not asking for solutions, ...
> If you do want to recreate this (or if others do so), your use of 
> frames does not need to "break line-moving".  Using *linked* frames, 
> you can preserve the natural flow of text from frame to frame - and 
> from a frame on one page to a frame on another.  See "frames;linking" 
> in the help text.
> Brian Barker
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Thank you.
It occurs to me that newspaper columns, and side-by-side, were not 
needed, if I gotten the frames right.  No?  Would have been much less 
picky-picky formatting.

Ol' Bab

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