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From Maciej Jaros <>
Subject Re: Fwd: change default window size
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2013 10:12:14 GMT
carrt7 . (2013-10-03 00:08):
> A small irritating fault:  when a user opens OoWriter full-screen, then
> hits the smaller-window icon, he is faced with a window that STILL occupies
> almost his entire screen!
> This is a typical Gates-type fault.  Oo can't know what size window the
> user wants, but there is just one size he *certainly* doesn't want - and
> it's full-screen!
> Can this be improved?
> carrt7

Just change the size of the window and Windows should remember it next 
time. It's a window manager thing, not really AOO responsibility.


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