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From Bruce Byfield <>
Subject Re: unique uses of frame styles
Date Sat, 12 Oct 2013 23:34:24 GMT
On Saturday 12 October 2013 03:33:54 PM Regina Henschel wrote:
> What is "sideheads"?

Sideheads are headings placed in a small column by the left margin. This 
positioning allows for very easy scanning, but naturally means that the text 
takes up more space. You see sideheads sometimes in technical documents.

With some adjustments, you can create sideheads using the Marginalia frame 

> I do not really understand, what you are looking for. The predifined
> frame styles have special properties, which are geared to special kind
> of frames. They are automatically choosen in most cases, when you insert
> an object. But the usage is not different from other kind of styles. You
> can use them to distinguish kind of frames and to easily change a style
> property of a class of frames.

I am looking for ways to adapt the pre-defined frame styles, or new frame 
styles that others might have developed for specific purposes. Sideheads are 
one example of what I mean, and I'm hoping there might be others.

> "if you can suggest a use that I haven't heard about" - how can I know
> what you have heard about? 

You can't know -- but then you don't have to. :-). I'll know what suggestions 
are new to me.

> Is it possible to get the already finished
> part for reading?

The draft is very rough right now, and not fit for others to read. But I will 
be completing the work in the next few months, and posting more polished 
versions on the ODF Authors site.

I will post to this list (among others) when chapters are uploaded to ODF 

Bruce Byfield 604-421-7189 (on Pacific time)

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