Dear Team,
I have been working on Open Office for last 2 months.

The below list contains some of the problems which I have been facing continuously. Some other issues which I haven’t mentioned here are very minor but still effects the entire work.


We hope that we will get positive response.



1 Iferror with Vlookup doesn't work
2 Find & Replace doesn't work for selected area, it replaces for all sheet
3 Can not select blanks in Filter
4 Can not apply standard filter at two places
5 Linking of files don't work properly
6 Shortcut for Format paste
7 Graphs are not advanced
8 Vlookup doesn't work properly from one file to another
9 For using formulas you have to click on the function key, can't use it with keyboard
10 If condition don't work
11 Any two formula don't work together , e.g below



12 Ctrl+D doesn't work
13 Pivot cant be in classical format
14 Don't fix the array by itself
15 Paste special & delete command is very time consuming
16 Shortcut keys for Home options
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