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From Fernando Cassia <>
Subject Someone is hell bent on seeing AOO go away... (Rampant FUD in FOSS Land)
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2013 05:46:40 GMT
 (and MySQL too, and probably the same that would like for Oracle's
investments in FOSS to end).

"LibreOffice, as you know, is now the defacto office suite of choice
among Linux users and is rapidly gaining traction in the Windows world
as well. "
"OpenOffice is pretty much only a memory"

Citebite archive:

Apparently the original story has been pulled from FOSSFORCE.COM, but
not before it was widely spread around...

This is the same scenario as when Googles move from MySQL to MDB is
mirrored everywhere, yet Mozilla's decision, on technical merits to
move from MDB to MySQL 5.6 gets no mention whatsoever.

Of course, truth is just a small peeble in the shoes of a good FUD
campaign... doesnt stop them. Apache OpenOffice or MySQL: the tactics
are the same, lie,lie, and lie again.

Some of the lies stick and become common, widespread truths repeated
without fact-checking. The rest is herd behaviour and copy-paste IT
journalism. Case in point: vs reality

Or: vs:reality:

This isnt healthy. It needs to stop.

In the wise words of Shuttleworth:

Is the Evil Empire of Redmondia behind this campaign to portray IBMers
as inept (Rob Weir has mentioned some of the FUD coming from the ither
side wrt Sidebar and IBMs contributions) and Oracle as evil, when both
firms are investing a lot in FOSS development (in the case of Oracle,
investing a lot in Linux kernel engineers, OpenJDK, Netbeans,
Glassfish, releasing JavaFX 2.0 under a GPL license, Virtualbox,
etc..) Or is someone else behind this persistent FUD? Some firm that
perhaps wants its web services to replace everything else?

Thinking aloud

During times of Universal Deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act
Durante épocas de Engaño Universal, decir la verdad se convierte en un
Acto Revolucionario
- George Orwel

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