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From Drew Jensen <>
Subject Re: Someone is hell bent on seeing AOO go away... (Rampant FUD in FOSS Land)
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2013 15:46:35 GMT
Hi Scooter,

Actually Fernando was reporting on what others had said, not stating his
opinion. Just to clear that up for you.

I hope you continue to enjoy your experience with AOO.


On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 11:42 AM, Scooter <> wrote:

> Good Morning Group,
> I'm a bit confused. What is FOSS & FUD and why would any of us think "Open
> Office is pretty much only a memory" (per Mr Cassia).? I join Mr. Davis'
> opinion. I tried LibreOffice (LO) not knowing about Apache Open Office
> (AOO), and didn't like LO. It was too different from OO 3.3.
> If Mr Cassia is literally referring to the Open Office of Oracle then he
> is correct, but LO ain't it.
> How and why is Mr Cassia in this List group If he detests AOO so much. I
> can't judge his statements about the Linux version, I am a happy Win7 user
> of AOO, especially since it went into Apache's main level of support.
> I read the articles included in Mr Cassia's email. I didn't understand ,
> since most of it referred to SQL, MySQL, Maria/DB and not to LibreOffice
> The websites were geared to Linux, maybe that's why this diatribe makes no
> sense to me.
> Take Care.
> Scooter
> College Park, MD USA
> Chuck Davis wrote on 9/18/2013 5:58 AM:
>  LibreOffice is a pile of crapware in my experience.  Q.C. seems to be
>> missing in action!  OpenOffice has always done what I need to get done
>> without irritating the daylights out of me.
>> On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 10:46 PM, Fernando Cassia <>
>> wrote:
>>    (and MySQL too, and probably the same that would like for Oracle's
>>> investments in FOSS to end).
>>> "LibreOffice, as you know, is now the defacto office suite of choice
>>> among Linux users and is rapidly gaining traction in the Windows world
>>> as well. "
>>> "OpenOffice is pretty much only a memory"
>>> mysql-grip-to-mariadb-**130916110509.html<>
>>> Citebite archive:**l2e1g0y0r4kpb<>
>>> Apparently the original story has been pulled from FOSSFORCE.COM, but
>>> not before it was widely spread around...
>>> This is the same scenario as when Googles move from MySQL to MDB is
>>> mirrored everywhere, yet Mozilla's decision, on technical merits to
>>> move from MDB to MySQL 5.6 gets no mention whatsoever.
>>> Of course, truth is just a small peeble in the shoes of a good FUD
>>> campaign... doesnt stop them. Apache OpenOffice or MySQL: the tactics
>>> are the same, lie,lie, and lie again.
>>> Some of the lies stick and become common, widespread truths repeated
>>> without fact-checking. The rest is herd behaviour and copy-paste IT
>>> journalism. Case in point:**muktware-liars<>vs
>>> Or:**c2u1y0m0q5vti<>vs:reality:
>>> This isnt healthy. It needs to stop.
>>> In the wise words of Shuttleworth:**
>>> e7v0f3m9sder <>
>>> Is the Evil Empire of Redmondia behind this campaign to portray IBMers
>>> as inept (Rob Weir has mentioned some of the FUD coming from the ither
>>> side wrt Sidebar and IBMs contributions) and Oracle as evil, when both
>>> firms are investing a lot in FOSS development (in the case of Oracle,
>>> investing a lot in Linux kernel engineers, OpenJDK, Netbeans,
>>> Glassfish, releasing JavaFX 2.0 under a GPL license, Virtualbox,
>>> etc..) Or is someone else behind this persistent FUD? Some firm that
>>> perhaps wants its web services to replace everything else?
>>> Thinking aloud
>>> FC
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>>> During times of Universal Deceit, telling the truth becomes a
>>> revolutionary act
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>>> Acto Revolucionario
>>> - George Orwel
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