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From John Meyer <>
Subject VLOOKUP vs Macros
Date Sat, 28 Sep 2013 15:30:21 GMT
I have a spreadsheet with a number of worksheets.  The first worksheet 
has the bonuses for employees in this format

ID, Sales Agent, Sales For Date, Bonus for Date, Sales for Date(N), 
Bonus For Date (N). . .

The rest of the spreadsheets are each named for the date of sales that 
they contain.  They are in the same format as the column header for 
Sales For Date.

I set up each row like this

ID static, Agent name static, 

What I'd like to do is change that formula around to resolve the sheet 
name by the first row of the salescount ID (i.e. if It's 9-27-2013 it 
would pull up 9-27-2013, 9-28-2013, etc.).  Is this possible?  It's not 
a pressing issue, I'd just like to see if it could be done.


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