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From David L Babcock <>
Subject Link edits will not "stick" after spreadsheet close
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2013 00:15:27 GMT
I moved a group of linked spreadsheet files to a different directory, 
and so had to change the links.
I used Edit>Links>Modify, and all worked well, except the modifications 
were not reflected in the actual cells with the links.

The links worked until I closed the files.  When re-opened the old 
invalid links were still there, the edits lost, no joy.

I suppose the inventors of this cludge had a really good idea, but it 
eludes me.  What scares me is I think it DID work last year some time.  
Not easily, perhaps I fiddled around, got lucky, pushed the secret button.

I finally obliterrated all the link and rebuilt them, but this is not a 
good workaround...

Need to find that secret.  Anybody?

Ol' Bab

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