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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Alphabetizing when using a spread sheet as an index for parts storage.
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2013 20:09:09 GMT
Hi Vincent,

Vincent Juliano schrieb:
> In using  a spreadsheet , using two columns where the first column
> contains the part description and the second column indicates where
> the part is to be found alphabetizaation was tried..
> This feature hasn't been used in quite some time. When activated the
> alphabetizing is done using the SECOND column.  This puts all the
> part descriptions in chaos but the placement in alphabetical order.

Then you have only sort the second column and not the whole data range.

> To accomplish the alphabetization properly the parts list was cut and
> placed in the second column behind the position the part is to be
> found.
> It works and then the columns are then changed into proper placement
> and all is well.
> It's necessary to upgrade the spreadsheet because of constant
> additions and removals.
> What is the necessary procedure to get the alphabetization of the
> spreadsheet based on the first column?

"first column"?

For to get sorting based on the second column, and for to be able to 
insert and delete records, do this:

Mark the whole data range including column labels (=field headers) and 
an additional empty row at the end of the date. The empty row is needed, 
because you can only insert a row above the current row, not after the 
current row.
Name this data range via menu Data > Define Range. Click the "More" 
button and check the options "Contains column labels" and "Insert or 
delete cells". The later provides, that the address of this data range 
is adapted automatically, so that you always get the correct range, when 
you use its name.

If the data range is no longer selected, select it via menu Data > 
Select Range. Then use menu Data > Sort. In that dialog choose the label 
of the second column. Then set the other needed sorting options in that 

After you have insert a record (=row) in the data range, set cursor into 
the data range and use menu Data > Refresh Range. Now your data range is 
sorted again with the same initial settings.

Kind regards

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