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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: open office vers 4
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2013 09:00:07 GMT
     Hey, Dale,

On 03.09.2013 06:56, Dale Erwin wrote:
> On 9/2/2013 11:50 AM, Dale Erwin wrote:
>> On 9/2/2013 3:59 AM, Armin Le Grand wrote:
>>>     Hi Dale,
>>> On 30.08.2013 17:56, Dale Erwin wrote:
>>>> On 8/30/2013 3:32 AM, Armin Le Grand wrote:
>>>>>     Hi Dale,
>>>>> On 29.08.2013 21:14, Dale Erwin wrote:
>>>>>> I've never had it crash on me either, but it has other 
>>>>>> shortcomings. For me, the deal-breaker was some sort of bug in 
>>>>>> pdf export.  On second thought, I guess what happens during pdf 
>>>>>> export is indeed a "crash".  Every time I try to export my 
>>>>>> document with "PDF/A-1a" selected, I get a message from Windows 
>>>>>> (Win 7) saying that Open Office has stopped working.
>>>>> This is an important thing. Do we have a bug report for this? Is 
>>>>> it repeatable?
>>>>> It will not be fixed when it's not properly reported. Developers 
>>>>> eventually read in this user group, but better let them use their 
>>>>> time to fix tasks. Thus, your very welcome and important donation 
>>>>> to the project would be to write a bug report, maybe with 
>>>>> examples. Please check before if there already is one. If yes, 
>>>>> please mention the BugID when talking about it (as here).
>>>>> Thanks in advance!
>>>> I have never made a bug report before.  How do I do it?
>>> First, thanks for keeping us informed. You can register for 
>>> Bugzilla: and then write a task there.
>>> If you have or can create a reduced example I can also do that for 
>>> you, when I can reproduce it here, see below.
>>>> I have tried it at least a half dozen times always with the same 
>>>> results.  If I deselect "PDF/A-1a" it exports without crashing. If 
>>>> I select "PDF/A-1a" it crashes during export.
>>>> As far as attaching the offending document, it is a master document 
>>>> with 44 sub documents, a total of 566 pages when fully expanded. 
>>>> Seems that would be a lot of files to attach.
>>> This is of course too much for a task in bugzilla. Often it is 
>>> possible to reduce examples for tasks to relevant parts, in this 
>>> case to the part which causes the crash. Do you have a hint which 
>>> part crashes? Does that pasr alone crash? Maybe you have a simple 
>>> example for the crash? Maybe someone else has one (many people are 
>>> reading here). If yes, please, speak up!
>>> You may isolate the problematic part retalively quick if it's 
>>> possible to split your example always in two halfs, thus getting to 
>>> a small example relatively quickly.
>>>> Earlier, someone posted a link to a bug report concerning PDF 
>>>> export from Print Preview.  I have no idea if this is the same bug 
>>>> or not.
>>> To ensure this or to find out we will need your reduced example, 
>>> too, no way around ;-)
>> OK, I copied all the files to a test folder (btw, I was mistaken, 
>> there are 49 sub files).  If I open the master document without 
>> expanding the sub files, it will export successfully.  Any one of the 
>> sub files will export successfully (well, I didn't try every one of 
>> them, but several).  I deleted all the sub files from the navigator 
>> except for two which are only 2 pages each, so there are a total of 
>> only 6 pages, and it crashes just as before.  Is that sufficiently 
>> abbreviated?
> Unless I don't  understand the process, it seems to me that it is only 
> possible to attach one file to the bug report.  Therefore I did not 
> submit the bug.  I need to submit three files.  I imagine I could 
> also  do it with only two files, but that is still more than one.

Yes, that sounds good. Just zip them to one file and use it as 
attachment for a bug report. You can e.g. write the bug report and add 
any number of files later, but just adding one is simpler (the zip 
archive). Please also add a (brief) step-by-step instruction what 
exactly to do.


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