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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: open office vers 4
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2013 08:59:54 GMT
     Hi Dale,

On 30.08.2013 17:56, Dale Erwin wrote:
> On 8/30/2013 3:32 AM, Armin Le Grand wrote:
>>     Hi Dale,
>> On 29.08.2013 21:14, Dale Erwin wrote:
>>> I've never had it crash on me either, but it has other shortcomings. 
>>> For me, the deal-breaker was some sort of bug in pdf export.  On 
>>> second thought, I guess what happens during pdf export is indeed a 
>>> "crash".  Every time I try to export my document with "PDF/A-1a" 
>>> selected, I get a message from Windows (Win 7) saying that Open 
>>> Office has stopped working.
>> This is an important thing. Do we have a bug report for this? Is it 
>> repeatable?
>> It will not be fixed when it's not properly reported. Developers 
>> eventually read in this user group, but better let them use their 
>> time to fix tasks. Thus, your very welcome and important donation to 
>> the project would be to write a bug report, maybe with examples. 
>> Please check before if there already is one. If yes, please mention 
>> the BugID when talking about it (as here).
>> Thanks in advance!
> I have never made a bug report before.  How do I do it?

First, thanks for keeping us informed. You can register for Bugzilla: and then write a task there.
If you have or can create a reduced example I can also do that for you, 
when I can reproduce it here, see below.

> I have tried it at least a half dozen times always with the same 
> results.  If I deselect "PDF/A-1a" it exports without crashing. If I 
> select "PDF/A-1a" it crashes during export.
> As far as attaching the offending document, it is a master document 
> with 44 sub documents, a total of 566 pages when fully expanded. Seems 
> that would be a lot of files to attach.

This is of course too much for a task in bugzilla. Often it is possible 
to reduce examples for tasks to relevant parts, in this case to the part 
which causes the crash. Do you have a hint which part crashes? Does that 
pasr alone crash? Maybe you have a simple example for the crash? Maybe 
someone else has one (many people are reading here). If yes, please, 
speak up!
You may isolate the problematic part retalively quick if it's possible 
to split your example always in two halfs, thus getting to a small 
example relatively quickly.

> Earlier, someone posted a link to a bug report concerning PDF export 
> from Print Preview.  I have no idea if this is the same bug or not.

To ensure this or to find out we will need your reduced example, too, no 
way around ;-)


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