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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: scripts in AOO spreadsheets interpreted by MS excel?
Date Sun, 01 Sep 2013 21:01:29 GMT
Hi Gary,

Gary Aitken schrieb:
>> If so, are scripts (Java) also generally properly interpreted
>>> by MS excel?
>> I don't know and cannot test it. But it is unlikely, because the
>> macros in Apache OpenOffice do not base on the file format (what the
>> standard is about). But macros are based on the UNO framework. And
>> UNO is based on data and methods of the internal representations, not
>> on file format. The file format does not have methods at all, but
>> only elements and attributes.
> If macros are involved, wouldn't the file format for the cell require
> specifying the macro binding, which would imply describing
> the language bindings to some extent, at least down to the procedure call
> level?  That would imply if there were a java binding, at least one would
> know the procedure "SpreadsheetCell::click(row, col) or something like
> that was specified, and the back-end would need to support it.
>> But shouldn't a question about the ability of Excel be ask on a
>> Microsoft forum?
> My assumption was that most people on an MS forum are not interested in
> interoperability, whereas a substantial percentage of those on this forum
> probably are of necessity.  My apologies if it's inappropriate.  I'm probably
> out of luck.  I have a spreadsheet with an MS basic backend and I was hoping
> to rewrite it so I could run and distribute it in AOO even to those folks
> who can't / won't change because their institutions run M$.

If MS Basic macros are involved and they are not too specific, you might 
have more luck with Basic than with Java. For Basic exists an option in 
OpenOffice to run the interpreter in a VBA compatible mode. Search for 
"Option VBASupport 1". It had been planed to provide a Java package too. 
But I'm not the right person to tell you more. Please ask on our API 
mailing list.

You might want to ask on the LibreOffice user list too. There you will 
likely meet Andrew Douglas Pitonyak.

And you should give our forum a try, which has a special section for 

Kind regards

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