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From Brian Barker <>
Subject Re: pop-up help I don't understand the problem
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2013 15:53:55 GMT
At 14:57 14/08/2013 +0200, Lillemor Munter wrote:
>Using Open Office, working with a document, use 
>"tabeller", text and pictures.  The document 
>will not hold my design, Al is all over when I 
>do something new.  And this pop-up will come up now and then.  What is it?
>...\Programblad 2013.odt\content.xml finns 
>inte.  Vad betyder denna? Kommer fram när jag arbetar i Open Office.

I'm not sure how you are reaching this 
message.  Any .odt text document file is a zipped 
archive of a number of components, one of which 
is always content.xml.  If this component is 
genuinely missing from your .odt file, then the 
file is corrupt.  But it may be that, instead of 
opening the .odt file itself (as you should be), 
you are unzipping the .odt file and trying to 
open the content.xml file inside.  Open the .odt 
file directly instead.  (Have you perhaps 
associated .odt with your zip utility, so that 
double-clicking an .odt file unzips it instead of 
opening it in OpenOffice?  If so, the quick 
workaround is to open the document file from 
inside OpenOffice using File | Open... .)

>Vill ha 10st A4-sidor som sedan viks ihop till 
>ett A5-häfte. Måste man göra varje sida för sig? 
>Ej testat om formaten håller sig då - kanske. 
>Men tungt jobba i typ 10-20 olika dokument för att få fram ett häfte.

This part is easy: OpenOffice does this well and calls this a "brochure".
o Set your single document to have A5 pages in portrait orientation.
o Create the document normally.
o Go to File | Printer Settings... | 
Properties... and set your printer to use A4 paper in landscape orientation.
o Go to Tools | Options... | OpenOffice Writer | 
Print | Pages and tick Brochure.  (Alternatively 
you can tick this in the print dialogue at File | 
Print... | Options... | Pages | Brochure.)

OpenOffice will rearrange the various 
(double-sided) pages so that you can simply fold 
the resulting stack of printed sheets into a brochure.

>My thanks for an answer in Swedish if possibly

Sorry, but I do not write Swedish.

I trust this helps.

Brian Barker

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