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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Connecting paragraph styles with numbering (list) styles
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2013 22:44:31 GMT
Hi Janis,

Janis Langins schrieb:
> Thanks to all for the advice regarding my query.  I shall try to see if
> I can successfully apply it and maybe with my current skills I should
> not be so ambitious.  Re Regina's request for the URL:  I cannot
> remember what iit s but this one
> ( I
> got from the Open Office site and it seems to be pretty much the same as
> the one I am using with slight differences in pagination.  In the URL
> above it is ch. 7, page 233 (NOT ch. 7, p. 259) but everything else,
> including the text is the same.  Of course, in theory it is for the
> earlier 3.4 version, not for version 4 of Open Office, which is the one
> I am using.
> JL

That is not the right part for outline numbering. That is about list 
numbering. The whole thing is not suitable for lectures.

Look for "Students' Guide for OpenOffice Writer",
Or other guides which are written for students, who will write a paper.

Kind regards

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