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From Robert Hupp <>
Subject AOO Bugzilla Bug 122948 (Rev. Update) - Copy/pasting some Punjabi strings AOO 4.0.0 crashes, Writer 3.4.1 works correctly
Date Sun, 04 Aug 2013 19:13:22 GMT
Dear AOO 4.0.0 workers,

I just found another in AOO 4.0.0 crashing string and tested it with MS 
WORD. Result: No problems saving the following text in different formats:

*The following text made with MS Word Starter 2010, the basic MS Word Sw 
of MS Home editions) => Another crashing string in: (or  en => among { Languages








- remember: AOO 3.4.1 works correctly!

The rest of this Mail is the same as sent today 14:04 CEST .
Thanks and best regards
Robert Hupp

Dear AOO 4.0.0 workers,

*where may I get a fix or update??*(History of emails below)

I noticed *another bug*(?). Leaving my open AOO 4.0.0 files with 
("File/Quit", German "Datei/Beenden") crashes AOO 4.0.0 too, probably 
with regard to files with those problematic strings, which may be 
harmless if untouched. Files may be closed with the "Close X" if without 
those strings, else AOO 4.0.0 crashes. That is, all my files were listed 
in the reconstruction job.
Another bug*: When accidentally copying

the spaces for clicking for Twitter, Facebook, or "likes share Google" =>
*pasting (**CTRL V**) will do, but killing/ removing this part crashes*. 

   ==> Teilen 


Teilen 16 

[NB! Crash!! if killing: RH] Seitenanfang 






I noticed a similar problem in a former AOO version on my last computer.
Thanks and best regards
Robert Hupp

 From Sun Aug 04 03:09:27 2013
[.....] Trying with smaller chunks, the problematic text seems to be: ??????

(the one before Polski).

Copy & pasting that piece is enough to crash AOO 4.0 Writer or Impress, 
while Calc works fine if pasting not in "edit mode" (i.e. not pasting in 
the formula bar, pasting in the bar results in a crash as well). HTH.

[NB! Commentary Robert Hupp: that's right; not "seems to be" but *IS, in 
this case*. -- I'm using *Win7 32bit*-- maybe??? Win7 64bit will work    RH]

From: Sun Aug 04 03:10:04 2013
Reproduced here with freshly-installed en-US on Windows 7 - I paste the 
text, the Windows "OpenOffice 4.0.0 has stopped working" comes up. 
Behaves correctly in LO Is there a bug report yet? [NB! 
Commentary Robert Hupp: Win7 64bit ???or All Windows 7 ??RH]

 From Sun Aug 04 10:44:24 2013 and Sun Aug 04 03:08:48 2013 ( )
To CC:, Robert 
Hupp <>
On 03/08/2013 Emanuele wrote:

 > Pasted from the menu and with ctrl+v => crash.

 > Trying with smaller chunks, the problematic text seems to be: 
[??????] [NB! Commentary Robert Hupp: That's correct: CTRL V or 
CTRL-Shift-V (Paste Special, regardless Unformatted or HTML-formatted) 
=> crash, not in OpenOffice 3.4.1, nor in Thunderbird;  this string 
??????  only pasted in Thunderbird RH]

Thanks for the detailed analysis. Seems Windows-specific. Reported as follow up there.


Andrea. =>
Apache OpenOffice (AOO) Bugzilla -- Bug 122948 *Bug 122948* 
<>- Copy/pasting 
some Punjabi strings crashes OpenOffice

Last modified/Reported: 2013-08-04 06:59 UTC by Andrea Pescetti

Status <>:



Product: <>






Version: <>


AOO 4.0.0



All Windows 7

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