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From Janis Langins <>
Subject Re: Connecting paragraph styles with numbering (list) styles
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2013 20:51:50 GMT
Thanks to all for the advice regarding my query.  I shall try to see 
if I can successfully apply it and maybe with my current skills I 
should not be so ambitious.  Re Regina's request for the URL:  I 
cannot remember what iit s but this one 
I got from the Open Office site and it seems to be pretty much the 
same as the one I am using with slight differences in pagination.  In 
the URL above it is ch. 7, page 233 (NOT ch. 7, p. 259) but 
everything else, including the text is the same.  Of course, in 
theory it is for the earlier 3.4 version, not for version 4 of Open 
Office, which is the one I am using.

At 01:03 PM 23/08/2013, you wrote:
>Hi Janis,
>Janis Langins schrieb:
>>I am trying to construct an outline with nested headings for lectures.
>There exists two ways, the default one (easy) and the explicit one 
>(advanced skills).
>>Following the online manual (ch. 7, p. 259) for Open Office
>Can you please post the URL? There are several tutorials around and 
>some do not apply to AOO4.0 and some give bad advise.
>, I can
>>create both Paragraph styles and Numbering styles but I cannot seem to
>>combine them.  Could I get some sources of information please?
>If you are not an expert in styles, I suggest start with the default 
>outline numbering. For that you do not need any numbering style. You 
>find all needed settings in Tools > Outline numbering.
>>Second problem:  I would like to transfer my new styles (if they work)
>>to a document consisting of bits and pieces of previous documents with
>>different styles and configure them to the new style with consistent
>Do it the other way round. Make a document template with your new 
>settings. Then copy the old stuff and paste it "as unformatted 
>text". Then apply the new styles as needed.
>   There is no information in the manual on this.
>>Microsoft word seems to have a renumber feature on their Outline mode
>>that renumbers a collections of cut and pasted documents to make the
>>heading in the new document sequential and consistent.  Open Office does
>>not seem to have this.  True?  False?
>The numbering will be correct, if you remove all hard formatting, 
>especially all hard numbering which have made via the buttons. If 
>the paragraph have the correct paragraph style assigned, the outline 
>numbering will be correct automatically. Therefore my advise to 
>paste "as unformatted text". That avoids a lot of trouble.
>>Any reference to solutions would be appreciated.
>>Janis Langins
>My own texts are in German. But you can ask, if using Tools > 
>Outline numbering does not work for you.
>Kind regards
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