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From Upscope <>
Subject Re: Short reply
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2013 21:48:28 GMT
On Monday, August 05, 2013 07:11:39 PM Barry Nightingale wrote:
> The link in the the email you sent me
> didn't work.  My question was, in writer 4, it is taking quite a while
> to save documents, I get the feeling they are being saved on the Net
> somewhere as it takes much longer than v 3.7.  Can you tell me how to
> disable this please as I can't find the route?

Look in Writer under Tools-->options-->Paths-->My Documents. Normally it 
should be se to you home/Documents file in Linux. Not sure where Windows 
saves it but probably under personal documents.

It would help if you supplied you OS version, LibreOffice version and 
any other pertaint information when you ask for help.


Hope this helps you.
openSUSE 12.3(Linux 3.9.8-1.gf3348a8-desktop)|KDE 4.10.5
"release 4"|Intel core2duo 2.5 MHZ,|8GB DDR3|GeForce

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