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From "johnny smith" <>
Subject Re: Related to changing font color of a large selection of cells in OpenOffice Calc
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2013 21:00:09 GMT
here is a reply pushpak sent to me personally:

Hello johnny,
Thank you for your quick reply. I truly appreciate it.

I was able to understand what you said here clearly. Thank you. Solved ~25%
of my problems straightaway -

  the solution to the problem is to clear all formatting of the cells in
> question (both cell and character styles) by selecting them and applying
> 'format/default formatting'. after that you can turn them yellow as you
> wish.

However, I couldn't understand what you said here, since when I was trying
to try it myself on Calc, I couldn't get what I expected -

> if you don't want to clear your well adjusted cell style then you can  
> save
> it by selecting a sample cell and clicking 'new style from selection' on
> the 'styles and formatting' panel (which is opened by pressing f11 or
> clicking 'format/styles and formatting'). after applying default  
> formatting
> and deleting all character styling thereby, the newly created style can  
> be
> cast back on the cells.

Maybe, I didn't clearly understood what you tried to explain.
I' would like to continue with my previous example to explain what I was
trying to do.
I had cells no. 5 and 10 in bold, rest all normal (ie not bold). I selected
all the cells, clicked on 'new style from selection', cleared up all
formatting, changed the cell font colours as required (got everything
expected till now), and then finally double clicked on the saved style.
However, I didn't get back cells no. 5 and 10 in bold.

Can you please let me know what am I doing wrong here.

Thank you once again.
Sorry for my late reply. Got stuck up with some unavoidable work.


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