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From "johnny smith" <>
Subject Re: Related to changing font color of a large selection of cells in OpenOffice Calc
Date Sat, 06 Jul 2013 08:31:31 GMT
some comments first, the solution follows after an asterisk (*).

On Sat, 06 Jul 2013 07:28:50 -0000, Pushpak Dagade <>  

> Assume I have a spreadsheet with a column containing 50 cells of text  
> data.
> Suppose I change the font colour of only half the text in a particular
> cell, say, no. 10, to red (so cell no. 10 now has its contents in 2  
> colours
> - red and black). Everything is as expected till now.

here you change the font color of particular characters, i.e. create a new  
character style and apply it to those characters.

> The problem comes when I try to select all the cells and change their  
> font
> colour to say, yellow. What I expect is all cells, irrespective of their
> prior font colours, should have their font colour yellow. However, what I
> get is a different result for cell no. 10. Cell no.10 has half its text
> (which was originally black by default) in yellow, but the red coloured
> contents are still red in colour.

here you change the font color of the entire cells, i.e. create a new cell  
style and apply it to the cells. the previously created character style is  
still applied on top of the cell style because the latter is more common  
an the former is more specific.

cell style may be changed expressly through the 'style and formatting'  
panel or may be implied if you just picked it from a drop-down list on the  
'formatting' panel. character styles are always implied in calc, which is  
not good, as your case shows.


the solution to the problem is to clear all formatting of the cells in  
question (both cell and character styles) by selecting them and applying  
'format/default formatting'. after that you can turn them yellow as you  

if you don't want to clear your well adjusted cell style then you can save  
it by selecting a sample cell and clicking 'new style from selection' on  
the 'styles and formatting' panel (which is opened by pressing f11 or  
clicking 'format/styles and formatting'). after applying default  
formatting and deleting all character styling thereby, the newly created  
style can be cast back on the cells.

p.s. if there were a possibility to expressly create new character styles  
in calc, as it is in writer, then you could perform a simple  
search-and-replace operation to switch from the 'red text' character style  
to the default one.

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