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From "Graham Lauder" <>
Subject Re: Help, Lost Document.
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2013 21:07:24 GMT
On Thu, 18 Jul 2013 05:56:59 +1200, hash naama <>  

> Sir,
> LOST DOCUMENT, - Please help
> I am a new OO.o user. I have lost a very important document (8.6Kb, 113  
> hours)whilst trying to remove a border from all the pages.
> A new blank page opened with an icon of the same file name appearing on  
> my Desktop.My lost document shows up in File/Properties (same size,  
> date...).
> I have tried everything to retrieve it - forums & etc. A colleague  
> software is available for retrieving lost files (?).
> Please help. I would appreciated treatment as a novice to OO.o. Step by  
> step optionsplease.
> RegardsNaama

Gree6tings Naama,

8.6kb is around about the size of a _blank_ odt file.  If you were to save  
it without any or very little text in it that's the size it would be so we  
can assume one of two things

1) that the file on the desktop is probably not the one you're after and  
so hopefully another version has been saved somewhere else.
2) or worst scenario is that you have overwritten your original document  
with a blank document which would only happen if you had saved the  
original to your desktop.

Going by what you say above I'm assuming you are using some version of  
Windows,. which one please.



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