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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: AOO-Members dont forget voting
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2013 20:13:51 GMT
On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 7:49 AM, kalle hauser <> wrote:
> for the RC2 to be released as AOO 4.0 (or even not) on
> ;-)
> My question to this:
> it seems, that not one IT-website in the internet knows about a RC of AOO 4. why you
dont start a PR-campain for the new AOO 4 and make a public testing of the RC?
> Like SuperKK on the AOO blog says: "You need to work on your PR. Why were there no public
beta announcements? The LibreOffice propaganda machine has already convinced many people that
OO is dead. Release early, release often."

We've discussed AOO 4.0 many times, on the blog and in social media,
and this has been covered in the press.  Yes, we don't issue a press
release every week or every time we change code indentation, like some
other projects seem to do.  But we do take care of major

For example, the AOO 4.0 press release already went out.  You might
not have seen it, but that's the point.  Press releases are for the
press, so they can write their stories.  They want "the scoop".  We're
doing press interviews for AOO 4.0 as well.  Remember, if it is on our
website then it is not news anymore.   So we should not confuse noise
with impact.

There is an open source echo-chamber, and saying the same tired FUD
within that small circle of authors will not convince or convert a
single user to move toward or away from OpenOffice.  Or at least it
will have very little impact compared to the effort.  We need to find
a way to reach out, beyond the "usual suspects" and get the news to a
new audience.  Remember, the growth for AOO is not from those within
the open source community.  The growth is from those who have never
heard of open source.

> After finishing work on the major-release AOO4, i hope you bring out bugfix-releases
more often than all 6 - 8 month. i my opinion bugfixreleases all 3-4 month would be a good
> btw: i switched to LO 3.5/3.6, after the OOo-develpoment was on-ice/ incubating, but
a comparisen of LO4.0 and AOO3.4.1 shows 1 important thing: You Apache-Guys need longer to
bring an new release and implement new features, but the quality of your product seems to
be higher....

I think the pace of development is one reason for the better quality.
 I'd like to release more often as well, but I don't want to
compromise on quality.  But I think there is room for improvement
here.  And we are discussing having a public beta for AOO 4.1.



> e.g LO announces improvments on Load/Save-speed over and over angain, but in  the end,
AOO 3.4.1 starts faster than LO 3.6. The improvments on the docx/xlsx/pptx-filters in LO are
also not as good as yours.
> keep up the good work!
> regards
> K. Hauser

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