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From doug <>
Subject Re: Version 4
Date Sun, 28 Jul 2013 00:26:57 GMT
On 07/27/2013 07:07 PM, Virgil Arrington wrote:
> Strange, but I didn't have to uninstall 3.4.1 first. They both remain 
> on my computer. I'm running Win7.
> Virgil
Running PCLinuxOS. Extracting the rpms was confusing, since the old code 
was in the Download
directory also. All the old 3.4 files were in the file manager also 
(synaptic). I rm'd all the 3.4 rpms
and uninstalled everything in synaptic, and then everything was 
hunky-dory. Windows may be different.
I try and avoid using Windows unless I have to. I'm tired of not being 
able to find and use files because
Windows thinks I should be doing something else with them. Example: Use 
the start menu to find a
file, and it will open the file in some app. I might not want to open 
the file--I might want to email it to
someone. Or download an archive in zip format. Unzip it. Now, unless you 
wrote down the names of
the files in the archive, you're unlikely to find them at all--ever!  
BTW, if you get KDE for Windows,
you will get a file finder that JUST finds the file you want, using 
wildcards if you need to, and then you
can do what you need to with the file.


-----Original Message----- From: doug
> Sent: Saturday, July 27, 2013 12:26 PM
> To:
> Subject: Version 4
> Hey, Apache, congratulations! I just installed version 4.0 (after
> finding out the hard way that I had to UNinstall 3.4 first!)
> and I am impressed!  You have imported most (all?) of the GUI from
> Symphony, and now your product is looking
> professional for a change!  I haven't used it yet, so I hope that the
> trend continues into the actual use of the app.
> Nice going, guys!
> --doug

Blessed are the peacemakers...for they shall be shot at from both sides. --A. M. Greeley

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