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From Andrew Brown <>
Subject Re: [libreoffice-users] Conflicts?
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2013 07:05:15 GMT
Hi Virgil

If I may offer my input here as I have and still use both, with my 
clients mainly. Apache OOo has deprecated slightly, i.e. it has not 
caught up to LibreOffice. In the overall basic user features there is 
not much difference, but OOo stagnated, being firstly involved in the 
merger from Sun Microsystems to Oracle, who did not do much with OOo. 
This created the fork to LO and the development of LO continued.

It was not until OOo was offered to Apache by Oracle, that it started to 
gain momentum again, but alas in my experience it is now playing 
catch-up with LO. One of the issues I have with my users using Apache 
OOo, is that they are able to open multiple single sessions of either 
Writer or Calc, and eventually their systems run out of resources and 
memory, generating a number of unnecessary service calls of complaints 
"my system is slow" etc. I have not experienced this with any clients 
using LO, and I am migrating my Apache OOo clients over to LO, due to 
this issue.

So my opinion, off the bat, LO is the better choice.


Andrew Brown

On 23/07/2013 09:38 PM, Virgil Arrington wrote:
> Are there any known conflicts with having LO 4.0.4 and AOO 4.0 installed on the same
computer? In my never-ending, obsessive (and admittedly futile) search for computing perfection,
I want to try both programs to see which better meets my techno-needs.
> Virgil

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