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From Mariusz `shd` Gliwiński <>
Subject [dev] Performance of exporting through open office
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2013 09:54:47 GMT
i'm looking for options of exporting fairly large XLS,XLSX documents 
through openoffice.
The basic requirement i currently have is to export 300_000*30 cell 
We need colouring and formulas for documents too (at least smaller ones).

We've been using external libraries for it, but because of performance 
and feature-set i've been thinking about going 'native' with OO.
I'm completely green in OO project, however i tried example java project 
with UNO which was horribly slow.
My guess is - most of performance and memory is used for rendering and 
other ui-things.

Finally, my question to you is:
* what API should i look on, to format my sheets through openoffice 
libraries (XLS,XLSX,CSV) - ideally i'd like to access document model 
instead of statelessly format file (if it's realistic to don't eat-up 
more than 5Gig memory)
* do you think, that using OO components in my situation is a right 
thing to do? or maybe should i look for external libraries? Or maybe 
native / good implentation wont help too much, and i should use simple 
implementation for big documents vs. feature-rich implementation for 
small documents?

Thanks in advance,
Mariusz Gliwiński

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