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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [dev] Performance of exporting through open office
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2013 12:28:07 GMT
If what you want to *produce* is xls or xlsx, you might want to look into the Apache POI project.
 That project provides Java libraries for manipulating and producing such documents.

If what you want to *produce* is ods, then the Apache ODF Toolkit might suite you.  It is
also Java based.  

Or some combination of the two.  

Otherwise, I think the best option is the OpenOffice SDK.

There is, of course, document model and library access available within Microsoft Office and
Visual Studio extensions for Microsoft Office.  I assume that is not an option for you, although
I would think the performance of consuming the documents you are producing might be an issue
to address as well, and that might be a better place to address it.

 - Dennis

PS: CSV is always an option.  It doesn't work for formulas and cell coloring, etc., though.
 There is a form of single-file Excel spreadsheet in XML that might be suitable.  There are
also HTML formats for XML spreadsheets that might be easier to emit.  Your document might
be too complicated or too large for these cases.  One way to find out is to make a small version
having the essential features you need, in Excel, and then see whether and how well those
are produced in flat XML and HTML.  Then you can examine them for the structure that you need
to replicate with greater-sized documents.  Scaling experiments can be conducted to determine
if these are feasible to produce at your size and also to consume by the intended recipients.

-----Original Message-----
From: Mariusz `shd` Gliwiński [] 
Sent: Monday, July 15, 2013 02:55 AM
Subject: [dev] Performance of exporting through open office

i'm looking for options of exporting fairly large XLS,XLSX documents 
through openoffice.
The basic requirement i currently have is to export 300_000*30 cell 
We need colouring and formulas for documents too (at least smaller ones).

We've been using external libraries for it, but because of performance 
and feature-set i've been thinking about going 'native' with OO.
I'm completely green in OO project, however i tried example java project 
with UNO which was horribly slow.
My guess is - most of performance and memory is used for rendering and 
other ui-things.

Finally, my question to you is:
* what API should i look on, to format my sheets through openoffice 
libraries (XLS,XLSX,CSV) - ideally i'd like to access document model 
instead of statelessly format file (if it's realistic to don't eat-up 
more than 5Gig memory)
* do you think, that using OO components in my situation is a right 
thing to do? or maybe should i look for external libraries? Or maybe 
native / good implentation wont help too much, and i should use simple 
implementation for big documents vs. feature-rich implementation for 
small documents?

Thanks in advance,
Mariusz Gliwiński

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