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From "Virgil Arrington" <>
Subject Re: Codes
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2013 01:15:56 GMT
Wow, Doug, tell us how you really feel. ;)

Like you, I was a WordPerfect devotee for many years as our employer used 
it. I bought a copy for my home computer and was very happy. Then, my 
employer switched to Word. We all freaked, thinking the world would end 
without our beloved reveal codes. My secretary even walked out of the office 
and didn't return for three days. It was not a happy time.

I then started learning Word with its styles-based formatting. At about the 
same time, I downloaded what was then StarOffice and used it at home (I wasn’t 
about to pay several hundred dollars for Word). Over time, I learned how to 
use styles and now, with styles, I can make my programs sing and dance.

I wouldn't dream of going back to WP. I still have it on my computer to read 
documents sent to me by others, and every time I load it, it looks like a 

Reveal codes? Why? With a styles-based program, there are no codes to 
reveal. The fact that WP needs reveal codes shows how truly easy it is to 
screw things up in a WP document. You can change so many parameters in 
mid-paragraph, often by accident, and you can spend a lot of time trying to 
track it down. Not so with a styles-based program.

Obviously, WP works for you, which is fine, but in my experience, I found 
that with styles, I can accomplish my work much, much faster, AND get 
consistent formatting results document wide, which is very important when 
you have a document with multiple headings and other specially formatted 
paragraphs. With WP, I not only had to proofread my text, but also my 
formatting to make sure it was consistent.

Styles have set me free.


-----Original Message----- 
From: Doug
Sent: Thursday, June 20, 2013 8:22 PM
Subject: Re: Codes

On 06/20/2013 07:54 PM, Patricia Hickin wrote:
> Is there any way to reveal codes in OO (the way you can in WordPerfect)?

We went thru this a couple of months ago. The short answer is NO! You
have to use something they call styles, which will change your whole
document, not just the particular framus you're trying to modify. They
have done this quite deliberately, and have no intention of ever
changing it. Probably in the styles there is something that will fix
your problem, but I refuse to deal with it. I have WordPerfect on a
Windows machine, and when I need to do serious writing, that's where I
go. For slightly less serious writing, I use TextMaker on the Linux
machine, from SoftMaker, which has both paid and free versions. I bought
the paid version about 8 months ago. I don't use OO or LO. Not because
of the styles problem. but because they are poor editing programs. And
also, they are primitive compared to WP and TM. (But, I confess, for any
serious work the styles problem would drive me shrieking away!)

OO _may_ become more user-friendly; they promised a few months ago to
incorporate much or most of IBM's Symphony, which at least is not
primitive. Last I tried Symphony, however, it was full of bugs.
(Symphony is a close cousin, anyway.) We'll see. . . .


> I am having a problem with the following:
> I am preparing a list of books as follows:
> In a table of two columns, I insert an image of the book cover in the 
> first
> (a narrow) column.  In the 2nd column I put info about the book: title,
> author, publisher & date.
> I have obtained the info from, compiled a list of the
> books, copied the list into Notepad to strip it of formatting.  Next I
> copied the list into an OO text document and formatted it as follows:
> font Calibri  color black
> title: 18 point bold italic
> author & publishing info (two separate lines):  15 point regular.
> For some reason, OO is changing the color of the publishing info to blue.
>   I change it to black. but when I save it the color switches to blue!!
> It is driving me crazy!!!
> Any ideas??  Thanks!!
> Pat

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