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From Johnny Rosenberg <>
Subject Re: Codes
Date Sun, 23 Jun 2013 17:44:07 GMT
2013/6/23 Rory O'Farrell <>:
> One tip: in many versions (all? I haven't checked) of OpenOffice it can be difficult
(impossible?) to insert a curly quote into the Replace box from /Insert /Special Characters.

Compose >" → ”
Compose <" → “
Compose ," → „
Note that the Compose key should not be hold while typing the other
characters, that's why there is no ”+” after ”Compose”. Just press
Compose (which key it is depends on your settings, I use Caps Lock for
Compose which I find very convenient), release it, press the first
character, release it, press the second one and release it. Sometimes
there are three characters to press, like Compose --. for – (n-dash)
and Compose --- for — (m-dash).

Or there is, of course, the Unicode way:
Ctrl+Shift+u 201c → “
Ctrl+Shift+u 201d → ”
Ctrl+Shift+u 201e → „

The method is slightly different for different software and operating systems.
These work with most GNU/Linux distributions unless you try to type
those characters in the Opera web browser (which I do right now). If
so, replace ”Ctrl+Shift+u <code>” with ”<code> Ctrl+Shift+x”. I am
sure there are other software out there than Opera that requires a
slightly different approach…

Johnny Rosenberg

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