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From Johnny Rosenberg <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] ODF file formats vs Zip
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2013 04:19:00 GMT
2013/6/10 Kadal Amutham <>:
> To reduce the save time, split the files into many, and have links between
> files. This Feature should be available in AOO. Then your saving time will
> be much faster. In case of file corruption due to any reason, only that
> file get corrupted and the remaining file may remain safe

It would probably help some, but I would still end up with at least
one giant file which holds all the main data of thousands of rows
(increasing all the time) and maybe 10-20 columns.
Still, finding a way to make saving faster wouldn't kill someone, would it?

It seems like every time someone suggest an improvement, or at least a
change, there are numerous arguments why this shouldn't be done, no
matter what it is. Maybe ”development” doesn't mean the same thing to

So well, let's just forget about all this and continue our lives.
Sorry for annoying everyone.

Johnny Rosenberg

> With Warm Regards
> V.Kadal Amutham
> 919444360480
> 914422396480
> On 10 June 2013 05:46, Richard Detwiler <> wrote:
>> Girvin R. Herr wrote:
>>> ....
>>  Probably like you, I find the few seconds it takes to save the file
>>> irritating sometimes, especially since only about one keystroke is saved
>>> while it is going on. Worse, it seems destined (designed?) to pick a time
>>> that is the most irritating to me - just as I start something, rarely when
>>> I am just looking at what I have written and/or thinking about something.
>>> Better, would be to have the save go on in the background, while one
>>> continues working. If that is too dangerous, take a snapshot into a
>>> temporary file and save that - all in the background. One should not even
>>> be aware that a save is going on in the background. If it really bothers
>>> you, you can turn the autosave off in the Tools->Options dialog. I also
>>> check the "Always create backup file" (.bak) in the same dialog. This acts
>>> much like the old editors and word processors - saving the original before
>>> any editing takes place. The downside is the risk of losing a whole day's
>>> work, and the restore after LO crash function.
>>> Girvin Herr
>> I always have auto-save off for those reasons, and instead I'm in the
>> habit of very frequently saving the file (which takes about half a second
>> using Ctrl+S (on Windows, may be different on other operating systems).
>> That way, the save can happen when I want it to (like when I'm looking at
>> what I've written or thinking about something ...).
>> Also, I don't know if this is the case with auto-save, but when manually
>> saving, I'm pretty sure that things can not be "undone" prior to the save.
>> If this is indeed the case with auto-save, this is another very good reason
>> not to use it. You may have done something you really want to undo, but if
>> the auto-save happens, you can't. (Again, I'm not positive whether this is
>> the case with auto-save like with manual save, but I'm guessing it may be.)
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