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From Larry Gusaas <>
Subject Re: Can't Get Rid of Window
Date Sun, 23 Jun 2013 04:56:22 GMT
On 2013-06-22 3:12 PM Donald Titus wrote concerning "Can't Get Rid of Window":
> 1.  I have a Mac OS 10.8.4.  When I call up a document using Apache OpenOffice I get
a message that says:  "The last time you opened it unexpectedly quit while
reopening windows.  Do you want to try to reopen its windows again?  If you choose not to
reopen windows, you may have to open and position the windows yourself."  Two options are
given:  "Don't Reopen" and "Reopen".  Selecting either option does not get rid of the window.
> 2.  My OpenOffice is locked up.  The only way that I can quit is to "Force Quit".  However,
every time that I call up OpenOffice I get the same message.
> 3.  I have gone to your help page and tried some of the remedies that have worked for
others.  However, they don't work for me.  What can I do?

The release notes , under known

problems, state

    "On recent versions of Mac OS X it might happen, especially after a "Force quit", that
    following error message appears: "Restore Windows - The application was
    forced to quit while trying to restore its windows. Do you want to try to restore its
    windows again?". If you cannot get rid of it: Option-click the "Go" menu; choose "Library"
    from the menu to open the folder in the Finder; click on the folder "Saved Application
    State"; delete the file "org.openoffice.script.savedState". See bug 119006 for more

For instructions with screenshots see


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Larry I. Gusaas
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Canada
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