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From Andrew Douglas Pitonyak <>
Subject Re: Codes
Date Sun, 23 Jun 2013 02:20:25 GMT
Doug, I can provide a macro that does provide an ability to reveal codes 
(not written by me), but, sadly, if you don't understand how styles 
work, it might not be helpful because it shows things like "this style 
begins here".

On 06/22/2013 02:44 PM, Doug wrote:
> Maybe it's because we're not programmers. We're people who just want to
> use a word processor without all the folderol of "styles."

Well said!

There are some things that if you learn them it will make things work 
much easier and faster. I remember about two years ago showing a user in 
Word Perfect that they did not need to force a new line break by 
inserting a bunch of spaces. It was a "concepts" lesson I suppose. So, 
it seems that some things are probably worth your time (like at least 
learning a bit about styles, I think that almost every word processor 
does support them these days) and some things that probably are not 
worth your time (like programming, which although useful, won't really 
help you writing documents).

> It may not
> have occurred to some OO/LO folks that most of us do not want to change
> styles or formats  all the time. Or, maybe, ever.  About the only
> formats I ever change are typeface, type size, and justification.
> Most of us are not writing advertizing copy, and we're not typesetters.
> We have no reason to keep fooling with different "styles."

Ironically, you probably do and are simply unaware that you are. For 
example do you ever select some text and click on the "bold" button? If 
so, then you just applied a style. That said, I do get your point.

> Now if OO and LO are so great, why can't they deal with curly quotes and
> apostrophes in imported text? I have to go thru and fix all the
> damned inch marks one by one by hand. WordPerfect can do that
> automatically. Not only that, it can differentiate between quote marks
> and real inch and foot designators. Let's see your OO/LO do that!

I am not sure what this is since I have never had any particular 
difficulty dealing with these things.... though I am not sure how one 
can understand that a particular single quote is an "inch mark" as 
opposed to a non-curly double quote.

> If I remember correctly--I haven't looked at OO/LO in some time--they
> don't let you find and replace double spaces. Maybe they fixed that?

Don't think it ever could not do that, which tells me that I clearly do 
not understand the question.

> But I tend to work in Linux most often, so without WordPerfect, I have
> chosen the SoftMaker products. TextMaker works better, IMO, than either
> of the freebies, and it doesn't look so primitive, either. Oh, and
> there's now a free version of that, I hear.

Never heard of it until now. Looks like they are MSO friendly, not WP 
friendly. Interesting that it can run directly from a USB drive and 
states it is macro compatible.

> It's hopeless, folks. OO/LO have decided for you that if you want to use
> them, you will have to get a book on style-programming. Enjoy!
No, but it does help. When I use MSO at work, I need to use styles as 
well. Can't say as though I have used them in WP, but I hear that they 
do support them.

Andrew Pitonyak
My Macro Document:

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