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From Tamblyne <>
Subject Re: Codes
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2013 21:29:38 GMT
Hi, Patricia --

Of course, you're going to be told -- and I can see that you already 
have -- that "you're not doing it right."  Use styles.  Styles will, 
apparently, take care everything, including promote world peace, as well 
as fix all that's wrong with your document.

Perhaps if we asked for "reveal styles" instead of "reveal codes," we 
could get some progress on this issue.  The View > Non-printing 
characters doesn't help much unless what you're looking for is carriage 
returns/line-feeds, as far as I can tell.  It certainly doesn't tell me 
what styles are being applied to any given portion of the document.  And 
it doesn't show formatting codes, either.

As an "old" WP user (and aren't we all, at this point?), I argued 
passionately for this "enhancement" long ago.  The fact that we were 
blown off then, and still are, is the reason I don't volunteer my time 
to this project anymore.

The response to "use styles" doesn't solve the problem -- that being 
that you can't tell where an applied style begins or ends when you have 
a problem.  Wait until you get a horizontal line under all of your 
paragraphs that you can't get rid of.  That's even more fun!  :-D  You 
can spend time playing Document Detective -- or just CTRL-Z out of it 
and come up with some other way to format your document the way YOU want 

As to your particular issue, this blue text is often automatically 
applied to email addresses and hyperlinks, and you can change that under 
"character styles."

As for reveal codes -- don't hold your breath.  :-)


On 6/20/2013 6:54 PM, Patricia Hickin wrote:
> Is there any way to reveal codes in OO (the way you can in WordPerfect)?
> I am having a problem with the following:
> I am preparing a list of books as follows:
> In a table of two columns, I insert an image of the book cover in the first
> (a narrow) column.  In the 2nd column I put info about the book: title,
> author, publisher & date.
> I have obtained the info from, compiled a list of the
> books, copied the list into Notepad to strip it of formatting.  Next I
> copied the list into an OO text document and formatted it as follows:
> font Calibri  color black
> title: 18 point bold italic
> author & publishing info (two separate lines):  15 point regular.
> For some reason, OO is changing the color of the publishing info to blue.
>   I change it to black. but when I save it the color switches to blue!!
> It is driving me crazy!!!
> Any ideas??  Thanks!!
> Pat

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