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From Dale Erwin <>
Subject Re: Codes
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2013 02:28:21 GMT
My experience has been that I have to start all over with learning 
styles every time I start a new book.  Especially since I rarely use the 
same format for two in a row.

Dale Erwin
Jr. 28 de Julio 657, Depto. 03
Magdalena del Mar, Lima 17 PERU

On 6/20/2013 8:15 PM, Virgil Arrington wrote:
> Wow, Doug, tell us how you really feel. ;)
> Like you, I was a WordPerfect devotee for many years as our employer 
> used it. I bought a copy for my home computer and was very happy. 
> Then, my employer switched to Word. We all freaked, thinking the world 
> would end without our beloved reveal codes. My secretary even walked 
> out of the office and didn't return for three days. It was not a happy 
> time.
> I then started learning Word with its styles-based formatting. At 
> about the same time, I downloaded what was then StarOffice and used it 
> at home (I wasn’t about to pay several hundred dollars for Word). Over 
> time, I learned how to use styles and now, with styles, I can make my 
> programs sing and dance.
> I wouldn't dream of going back to WP. I still have it on my computer 
> to read documents sent to me by others, and every time I load it, it 
> looks like a techno-dinosaur.
> Reveal codes? Why? With a styles-based program, there are no codes to 
> reveal. The fact that WP needs reveal codes shows how truly easy it is 
> to screw things up in a WP document. You can change so many parameters 
> in mid-paragraph, often by accident, and you can spend a lot of time 
> trying to track it down. Not so with a styles-based program.
> Obviously, WP works for you, which is fine, but in my experience, I 
> found that with styles, I can accomplish my work much, much faster, 
> AND get consistent formatting results document wide, which is very 
> important when you have a document with multiple headings and other 
> specially formatted paragraphs. With WP, I not only had to proofread 
> my text, but also my formatting to make sure it was consistent.
> Styles have set me free.

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