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From Richard Detwiler <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] ODF file formats vs Zip
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2013 00:16:32 GMT
Girvin R. Herr wrote:
> ....

> Probably like you, I find the few seconds it takes to save the file 
> irritating sometimes, especially since only about one keystroke is 
> saved while it is going on. Worse, it seems destined (designed?) to 
> pick a time that is the most irritating to me - just as I start 
> something, rarely when I am just looking at what I have written and/or 
> thinking about something. Better, would be to have the save go on in 
> the background, while one continues working. If that is too dangerous, 
> take a snapshot into a temporary file and save that - all in the 
> background. One should not even be aware that a save is going on in 
> the background. If it really bothers you, you can turn the autosave 
> off in the Tools->Options dialog. I also check the "Always create 
> backup file" (.bak) in the same dialog. This acts much like the old 
> editors and word processors - saving the original before any editing 
> takes place. The downside is the risk of losing a whole day's work, 
> and the restore after LO crash function.
> Girvin Herr

I always have auto-save off for those reasons, and instead I'm in the 
habit of very frequently saving the file (which takes about half a 
second using Ctrl+S (on Windows, may be different on other operating 
systems). That way, the save can happen when I want it to (like when I'm 
looking at what I've written or thinking about something ...).

Also, I don't know if this is the case with auto-save, but when manually 
saving, I'm pretty sure that things can not be "undone" prior to the 
save. If this is indeed the case with auto-save, this is another very 
good reason not to use it. You may have done something you really want 
to undo, but if the auto-save happens, you can't. (Again, I'm not 
positive whether this is the case with auto-save like with manual save, 
but I'm guessing it may be.)

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