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From Doug <>
Subject Re: strip formatting??
Date Sun, 02 Jun 2013 05:17:49 GMT
On 06/01/2013 11:49 PM, Patricia Hickin wrote:
> Is there a way to remove all formatting?
> I am copying some items from a website ( to include in a
> report and I want to do my own formatting so I would like to strip the
> current formatting (font style,
> size, color; italics, etc.
> Is there a way to remove all the current formatting?
> Thanks,
> Pat
I ran into a similar situation, and solved it this way. It is a little 
I wouldn't want to do it for a whole book, but for a couple of pages 
it's OK.

Cut and paste the text into Kate. In Kate, select each paragraph, one at a
time. Stop the selection at the last period in the paragraph. Under "Tools"
select "Join Lines" or use CTRL+J. Now go back and select the next 
and do likewise, until you have done them all.

Now select the entire Kate file (cut) and paste it into your word processor.
It will come in without its original formatting and conform to whatever
formatting the word processor is set up for. You can select the text in 
LO or
OO or whatever and reformat it as you wish--change font, font size, 
whatever you want. You may find that you have to manually fix apostrophes
and quote marks, I think it depends on the source, but otherwise your
search and replace functions will work OK--you can replace double spaces
with single, for instance.

Good luck with it--doug

Blessed are the peacemakers..for they shall be shot at from both sides. --A.M.Greeley

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